Saturday, March 28, 2009

My little Green Garden

Okay, I have to remind myself that this year, due to the wedding, new job, redecorating the house, we are going to only plant the necessities. This makes me sad, b/c I want a big giant beautiful perfect garden with a cute picket fence guarding it from my fat red-heeler who likes to dig in the dirt, and an arbor that greets you over the gate with honeysuckle.

Until that day, I am afraid this is will be my little garden. But this little garden is better in so many ways that what I had last year.
1) It has been planted by Chad and I, on our OWN LAND!
2) We don't have to worry about an evil horse eating the peppers.
So before we moved into this house, we were living in the house that Chad grew up in. It sits on 12acre's has a creek that runs through it, and a mean orange horse that loved nothing more than to piss me off. She ate my peppers, and tomato's, pulled up my garlic-didn't eat it, just pulled it up. Please don't get me wrong, I am an avid rider, and I love horses, I was even looking forward to living on land with a horse. But she started it by running Chad down one morning. Nobody messes with my man!
3) Our soil, it rich, thick Texas black gumbo clay, that is packed with organic matter and tons of nutrition. We mixed in sandy loam to give it greater percolation. (My sweet Chad went to Texas A&M majoring in Agriculture Engineering)

So our garden is made up of: 1 Heirloom tomato Beef steak. (last year I tried Brandywine, it blossomed a little, but never produced. Texas rumor is that most tomato plants didn't take b/c it was a very windy summer)
2 Better Boys
1 Green pepper, 1 orange pepper some seranos, and pablanos. Plus the stupid horse didnt pull up all my garlic, there were 4 volunteers that came up this year. We quickly transplanted them and they are in the ground enjoying our late March Freeze.

I also have 2 peach trees and a blackberry bush. And I planted a bunch of seedlings for my herb garden!

Do you see that little pot next to the tree? That little plant just popped up, it is a volunteer from something, but unsure what.
Nothing yet from the Hyacinths, I think the moment I remembered it, was the moment I killed it!

I have a question: Does anyone recognize this plant. It grows along the fence line, and Chad and I have yet to figure out what it is.

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  1. Yea. It looks fun. I can't even believe you have time for gardening! I was reading that volunteer plants are very special because they are strong enough to withstand neglect. I hope it is something good!