Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let me paint you a picture!

I am a special education teacher, in our class we have 6 kids; ages ranging from 3yrs old to 10years old. Needless to say, I never know what words will come out of my mouth!

Today I was sitting at the computer playing with the boys; we were going over sounds animals make. I realized the time, told 1boy to go to the bathroom, and left to go write in the take home folders. When I turned around, I was literally speechless for 45seconds (if you know me, you know that only happens when presented with great-great food!) The words just couldn't form-I mean, When I got accepted into the college of my first choice-not speechless. When I got the job of my dreams-not speechless. When we signed on our new house-not speechless. When I turned around and saw a bare-butted little boy who is in first grade, re-enacting WW smack down with a 4th grade over the computer-I was pretty speechless! Once the words finally formed I said, "JeeeFF, we wear our clothes in the classroom, and DONT touch our friends-so let's not do naked wrestling in the classroom today!"

This story still makes me giggle! Enjoy!

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