Friday, May 8, 2009

Clarification to "I am a foodie"

I actually do not eat a lot of meat, and when I do, I don't like to think of it coming from an animal. So when I do, I am picky about how it needs to taste(which is why I chose grass-feed), I can go weeks, even months without eating it, I prefer vegetables, and fruit. And I am allergic to sodium nitrates so that limits what I can eat, so when we got out to eat I always go vegetarian(less hospital trips that way)
I was telling Chad tonight that what I love about being an adult is I dont have to share or ration my fruit(my dinner tonight was orzo in a honey lime sauce and then my 2nd bowl of mangos, strawberries apricots, and grapes) Having to chose between Mango's or cheese cake, it would be mango's every time. One time I over heard my granny once tell my mama that, "as much fruit as that girl eats, she would never have a weight problem." Amen to that Granny!

I ate an entire half a watermelon by myself for breakfast!

I could easily be a vegetarian, but growing up on a working farm, and taking our cows to auction I really learned how important it is to the farmers integrity and lively hood that those animals make high bid. I remember telling my daddy I was going to be a vegetarian, he sat me down and calmly explained, and even quoted scripture about giving the animals a happy fulfilling life in return they replenish not only our bodies but allow us to give that back to Mother Earth. It was a typical daddy-lecture. But I thought about his point, and his words and just decided to eat it when I craved it, but not take it for granted!

These came from my Mother in laws garden!

Then I read Barbra Kingslover and she really brought that point home.

It makes me feel good about being in America (b/c every time a walmart or mc king sonic comes in, I have my doubts) when I hear other people have the same sense of foodie responsibility as Chad and I have! so thank you for your comments, I really appreciate them!


  1. lol, I really debated about posting that picture, but it really made me giggle. It was taken during the hot-dog-days of Texas summer! I was so bloody hot! The house we were living in had an air conditioner that barely worked! So we were dying from the heat! lol! Oh memories!