Monday, May 4, 2009

I am a foodie!

*Vegatarians beware this blog contains meat-all meat is locally raised-grass feed and lived a very happy life! *

I grew up eating, great food! Mouth watering-slap your knee, you would rather eat a baked potato than McBurger-Sonic. This mentality has spoiled me to say the least; My dad and uncles have cooked off the back of a chuckwagon, both my Granny's could have cooked for a King...and my grandfather....makes a mean buttermilk pie!

Elbows deep in potato salad daddy making dough for the coblers

My uncle sessioning Cabrito My daddy checking the brisket

I remember one cold day in college...back when I was a theater major (technical) I really craved a granny kinda was at that moment that I realized I either better learn to cook or go through serious yummy food withdraw. Since the latter wasn't an option, I have learned to cook...and cook good! (if I do say so myself) I also married a cook too!
"My soul belongs to Texas, but my stomach belongs to Italy" that's what I always say!

I have been cooking my own spaghetti sauce since I was like, 8. I really got a chance to explore the different herbs and what goes good with what, like Thyme and Sage...thats my all time favorite combo, it gives a warm heat to the sauce. Oh and Rosemary, fenel and thyme. Oh! and fenel and lemon...chicken piccata! OH my!
Then I read a great great book by Barbra Kingslover, "Animal Vegetable Miracle" I learned so much about where our food comes from, what we are putting into our bodies; the chemicals, the preservatives, buying local to help the community and Mother Earth. It made my appreciation for good food increase 10folds! That book changed the way I shop-eat-cook-and grow my garden.
It also help me realize how little appreciation people in American have for food. We are such in a hurry these days. Running late to work so swing by for a breakfast burrito, Opp! been in the car all day, too tired to cook-lets order a pizza! Ummm-yeah lets go out to eat for fried chicken (don't even get me started on Kentucky Fried Jerk-faces and how they treat their animals) I grew up on a farm, so we grass feed and raised our own cows for eating purposes....they were happy and even had names!
Chad and I have traveled abroad and I wished Americans would slow down and learn to appreciate a nice piece of fresh yeast bread dipped in olive oil. I just wished we weren't so "corporate america' driven. People in Europe really appreciate food much more than we do-and at times, that makes me jealous, makes me wished I was over there eating gelatos and cheese! mmmmmm-cheeeese!

My daddy cooked at my Reception, he made pork tenderlion, fall off your fork brisket, chicken, potato salad, and coblers, that he made on sight! (the food was great, but I wouldn't know because I didn't get a chance to eat!) The meat was bought local, with the rest of the food! He loves to cook....and I love to eat! It was a win-win situation!


  1. What a great wedding spread. Now that is a celebration, everyone chipping in, you are so lucky! I agree with the slow food movement. We went to a tiny Cuban restaurant recently, the whole meal was so laid back. The one waitress was completely mellow, even though the place was packed. The whole meal took like two and a half hours. It was fabulous. Glad you are back.

  2. Although I'm a vegetarian, nothing makes me happier than hearing of meat-eaters (like my husband) who eat deliciously-prepared animal protein that lived a happy and fulfilling life! Woo hoo for Responsible Carnivorism!