Tuesday, May 26, 2009

saying the darndest things.

I was walking in the hall today and a teacher turned to me and said, "ARG! I can't wait until school is out, these kids are driving me crazy"

I turned to her and said, "It's not the kids that drive me crazy it's the adults"

The more I am in the public education, the more I realize, its adults that make education complicated!


Chad and I attended an outdoor movie night, (last Friday night) at my school. I was in charge of the popcorn machine. This little girl that I have seen before when I was observing a student for a functional assessment with Autism. I picked up real quick that she was a smart one in math. So I said, "Do you remember me? I came into your class to work with Oscar?"
She said, "oh...yes maam I do now"
Our school enforces uniforms, so I said, It took me a bit before I recognized you, with your street clothes on.
"Yeah" she said, "You look different with clothes on too"

Well, I said dying laughing in my head from her comment, " this is my husband, he is good at math like you."
She perked right up and goes, "ohhh then whats, 12 x 12"
She acknowledged that Chad was correct, took her popcorn and off she went!

I was playing hide and seek my niece, Harper.
"Where is Harper?" I said pretending not to see her under the covers.
When she popped out from under the covers I screamed, "Where did Harper come from?"
"umm From God" she said indignantly.


After playing out in the rain Harper came running back inside telling me all about it.
Chad simply asked her, "how was playing out in the rain?"
"Ummm...it was wet!"

Did I mention she is 3?

I think only a special education teacher and really appreciate a 3 year old picking up on inferences like that! But with both of her parents having their Ph.D's in education, I would expect nothing less!

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