Friday, May 1, 2009

Wedding Part 1

So sorry for the delay, but our life has been so bloody hectic lately!

It was back in January when Chad and I decided just exactly how we wanted our wedding. Our families didn't understand why we refused to have it in a Church followed by a typical reception with dancing/cake/ and toast's.

But being stubborn we stuck with a wedding on April 18 in Blanco Texas and Reception a week later on April 25. And believe me I recommend it to anyone.

Being a localvoire, I found an amazing flower farm outside of Austin...She cut the flowers that morning.

We drove into Austin to get my hair done! As I was walking I feel behind because I had to take pictures of flowers!
While I was getting my hair done, there was a Riot! I totally love Austin!

MMM-Then we had to stop at the Dutch Apple Bakery! for some yummy pastries!

I also had a seaweed wrap to drain my body of toxins before the big DAY!

Then we drove into Fredericksburg to eat Wonderful German food!


Wedding in Texas-lets shove a bride in a Truck!

It's the revealing of the wedding presents....can you guess who got what? heh heh!

Really good food!

After all the festivities and after dinner; I had to snap some pictures!


  1. Congratulations! Love that there was a riot, too much...

  2. Ironically it was about violence...and the riot had 2 police car escorts! ha!

  3. Great to see your wedding details posted! (That's a passionflower and honeysuckle in those two photos above, BTW.)