Wednesday, July 1, 2009

5 cavities and a teeth cleaning later....

This is a volunteer watermelon plant that showed up in our backyard.

YAY!!! I finally went to the dentist, but the prognosis isn't pretty, 5 'tiny' cavities, and the gums of a 40 year old :( But in an attempt to help me with my headaches, my dentist prescribed me a muscle relaxer. Get this, I take it 3 times a day and 2 at night. I am so relaxed and sedate that nothing is wrong with me!! I tried to organize my desk area, but only ended up making a bigger mess! Then fell asleep on the floor in the middle of all my piles, with my cat curled up next to me in a box.
I attempted to cook, and burned my finger on the stove. But somehow managed to make a great creamy lemon spaghetti.
I hung a picture, and when it fell it nearly decapitated me.

Soooooo........ My new assignment for the evening is to lay on the couch. This is easier said than done!

our baby watermelon! hopefully we can keep the racoon away from it!


  1. Hello Ms. Kristin,
    a renegade watermelon plant? how do I get one of those? love the surprises that backyards offer.

    AND what's lemon spaghetti? do you ever share recipes? sounds delicious. is it a lemon butter sauce over pasta? or a lemon-flavoured pasta with tomato sauce? please share!

  2. I totally share what I cook. But I make things up as I go along, so there is NO guarantee to my my recipes!

    I will email it to you, lemme know how it works out!