Thursday, July 23, 2009

The song remembers when

I totally love music.
I can get lost inside my Zune for hours at a time. I can completely shut out the world, close my eyes, listen to the notes, listen to the slight change in octaves. I love to get lost in the way a song is delivered, in the way the words are put together to show a stronger person. I have a list of songs that have gotten me through tough times or simply made me dance!

When my grandma was dying of lung cancer; "Holes in the floor of Heaven" came out. That is when it first occured to me, music is and can be healing.

I remember when I was grappling with the idea of moving away to college when, "Born to fly" came out

I remember when I was trying to decide rather or not to break up with a boyfriend when; She's gone" was released. -that was my answer

And finding closure in a 2 year relationship, "unbeautiful" made its debute

"If I'm not in love with you" ....took my heart for a joy ride.

Then the bitterness of going a week without hearing from the man I lived with, "I don't love you" came out. Man I listened to that song over and over and over after I left that jerkface.

And the song, "finally" took me from a young youth making mistakes to a woman who finally stopped tripping on her youth and grew up.

"She moves in her own ways," and "Right to be wrong" Man those are songs that speak to my soul!

"One headlight" takes me right back to high school driving my toyota hatchback named silver rocket!

"Two in a million" I danced with Chad at our wedding
"Warmness of the soul" danced with my daddy
"The lady is dancing with me" two-stepped my way around the dance floor with my Papa!

"Somethings never change" takes me right outside the house I grew up with arguing with my dad before I moved away for the first time.

"For your love" the song that Chris Ledoux ended EVERY concert with, he rode his bucking maching on stage with amazing piro-technics. RIP. Chris Ledoux.

"I would for you" made me want to fall in love with that kind of man -which I did!
"One Tonight" and "Runaway love" falling in love with that bad boy!

"When we were young" working as a bartender through college.

"Black horse and the Cherry tree" dancing around the bar I worked at...I hated working there, I spent 7 years of my life waiting tables. So finding a good song to dance too was like making Margaritas outta your lemons! ;)

"Don't Bother," "Hips don't lie" and "Hey you" I was listening/dancing too as I was painting my kitchen!

"Getting ready to Rain" The summer Chad and I finally started dating after 12 Texas it rained the entire summer. Chad took me to see my favorite musician and he wrote this song about that summer in Texas. (before my foot injury, I would run to this song...I think about my feet hitting the pavement to the beat)

"Blue eyes crying in the rain" my best friend Anna.

Recently I was asked to pick a song that would best define me: it took me NO time to pick the song.

"Belief" by John Mayer

What does your favorite songs remember? or What song speaks to you underneath it all?


  1. Wow. reading through your list of songs made me remember what I was doing when I listened to some of those very same tunes.

    I can't think of any one song that speaks to me right now. I'll think about it and get back to this post.

    In the meantime - thanks so much for the lemon pasta recipe. You sweetheart. It is on our menu for this week and I can't WAIT to try it. I already claim all leftovers for myself.

    Have a great rest of your weekend.

    xoxo MMW

  2. I hope it turns out okay. Like I said, I made up the recipe, so please feel free to change it up a little.