Thursday, August 13, 2009

Contradiction in time and deadlines?

So my cousin has been bugging me about taking a stupid personality quiz online. The Briggs-Meyers. I happened upon a question I was a little unsure of.
"How do you approach a deadline?"
1) you see a deadline as elastic
2) you take it very serious

I was really stuck on it so I turned to my trusty husband for answers (the man has known me for 12 years)

Chad: Laughing (after I read him the question) Baby I am shocked you know what a d-e-a-d-l-i-n-e means."
Me: "huh? I think I am good at deadlines.
Chad: No, baby you're not. Remember when you bought tickets for a concert you didn't have money to get in the first place? And you only saw like maybe at best 45minutes of the concert? (*cough Anna cough*) Or maybe just maybe how you were an HOUR late to our own wedding reception?"
Me: OHHH, no baby that's time management issues? NOT deadline issues!! You are confused!
Chad: (rolling in the floor-thinking he won) Babe, time management IS A DEADLINE?"
Me: "OH-well shows what you know Anna won those Clint Black tickets!"
Chad: "Well it's nice to know you had a co-conspirator helping with your deadline issues!"

*sigh* what can I say? The man knows me!


  1. I'm pretty sure you were late getting to big D because you got lost and spit on a motorcyclist. You just can't account for those types of things, they could happen to anyone! But I'll tell ya what, those 45 minutes we were at the concert were enough to get us in plenty of trouble...

  2. I remember getting gas in Gtown and calling you AT 8 telling you I was on my way. (I was suppose to BE THERE by 8)...Good times-good times!