Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The scewed view of a special ed. teacher

I work with children with autism in an elementary school. In my class their are 4, but their are 2 that are in general education that I consult with and deal with their inappropriate behavior. One student in particular was very-very aggressive last year towards teachers, but this year he is a completely different kid. Now we are really concentrating on his peers picking on him-he tends to act out, and when he does...he serves, "ISS" in my class. Last Friday he was serving, "ISS" and I had to give him his spelling test.

Me: "Nick would you like to look over you spelling words real quick before I give you the test?"
Nick: "Yes, please"
*I walked away to do something else*
Me: "Nick? Are you copying your spelling words on your piece of notebook paper, and planning to hand that to me as your test?"
Nick: "Why? Yes I was planning on turning the copied words in as my test! And I am all the way down to the letter E"
Me: "Sigh Well first off, thanks for the wonderful sentence, I appreciate you using your words, and thank you for being so honest, BUT that is called cheating and cheating is NOT allowed in school"
Nick: "ohhhh okay..

After having to physically remove another student from class.

Jack: "OOOOHHHH I am sooo mad, I fire you-then I fire the principal, then I shut down the school and call 911"
Me: "OHH WOW, Jack, I am soooo happy you are telling me how you feel, and using your words. thank you for sharing"


Me: "ARG! Nick why do you hit your friend?"
Nick: "I dunno, I guess these things just happen?"
Me: "NO! They don't just 'happen' it is a decision that you MAKE"
Nick: "They do too, Tom just happen to call me, 'Nick at night' and I just happen to hit him."
Me: unable to fire back......"Go SIT DOWN!"

One morning a parent brought her son into the classroom. Her hair was every-which way, dark purple circles under eyes and almost on the verge of tears.

Me: Lynda what on earth is wrong? Are you okay?
Lynda: Mike and I got into an argument on the way to school, he wanted to watch a dvd, but I wouldn't let him.
Me: Way to stick to your guns! I am proud of you!
Lynda: "He told me, ........*catching her breathe* he told me, "no, I hate you!"
Me: busting out in cheers, and dancing-jumping and being hysterical, "OMG LYNDA he expressed how he felt that is amazing!"

Mike, is a success story! This time last year Mike was completely NON-VERBAL! I got him the last 3 weeks of school and through a very hard 1:1 hour long session every day for 3weeks. We got him saying basic consonant sounds and increasing his motivation to talk.
At the start of this year, I learned....He sang his mother, "happy birthday!" So for him to use a sentence like that....is simply a magic!

And why, I do the things I do!

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