Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busy Bee-getting healthy

Every morning of every day in the life I wake up the same.

Drowning in snot. Eye's watering. Dark Circles under my eyes. Wheezing in my chest. Coughing.

Well I finally did something about it-I found myself a doctor that specializes in allergies and asthma.
I figured going into it; I would be allergic to everything in the air. But come to find out I am allergic to....cats and dogs.
We own 2 cats and 1 orange dog!
I also have non-allergic rhinitis. Which apparently means my nose reacts to EVERYTHING but my body does not react.

I also learned that I only operate on 46% lung capacity!

Nasal rinse. Nasal Rinse. Nasal Rinse! Nasal Rinse!!!
It has changed my life. Increased my quality of life!

You never realize how miserable you are-until you start getting better!!

So I have really worked on health, getting my Asthma under control and trying to stay healthy!

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