Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Truly Honored!

I feel so special that the Captian of the U.S.S. Makin Island posted a comment on my little blog. I just did a quick post between homework assignments. Because I am still thinking about that ceremony and the meaning of it.

This Naval ship will be in commission for 40 years, and the road to creating her started in 1999. So I will always have a connection to the beautiful hybrid of the sea. And my grandfather has stood afoot on both of them.

Please read the comments when you get the time!

Wiggy and my grandfather. They served together V-4 division.

Papa to Wiggy, "old feller, didn't you have something wrong with your heart?"
Wiggy, "yes sir got a horse vow in it"
Papa: "so do you crave hay now?
Wiggy: laughed
Papa: "guess that explains why you stink tho I still dont understand how you landed that blonde bombshell as your wife-she sure was purdy!"
Wiggy: "so are you trying to say I married up?"
Papa; "yessum"

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