Monday, November 16, 2009

A year in Review- THE DEN!!

the bookshelf!
Each shelf was sanded, painted, sanded, re-painted, and sanded again. Using a dark gold, green, and light gold. Then I took a watered down green and went over it one last time!

A closer look: you can see some of the orginal color, along with the many layers of colors. I get tons of compliments on, "how awesome all the years of wear and tear looks on that bookshelf!" They are all amazed that I painted it that way!

The walls: the Den is MY space! I keep my fabrics, sewing machine and wonderful, wonderful books! So I wanted a room that when you walked into, you felt small, closed in, and wrapped in a sea of warmth. This might seem claustrophobic to most, but as you see throughout our house. The rest of the colors are cool blues-and gives the feeling of calm-cool-collected and free. So I really wanted to have a room that juxtaposed the rest of the house!
Again, creating this process was long! I used a wet rag technique and painted walls and ceiling!

This room is really the HUB of decorating our entire house. I knew exactly the feeling I wanted in this room, by picking golds, I instantly knew that blues, and greens go nicely. Think weathered copper. ...which makes emerald greens and light greens and cool blues! I figured by having 3 colors...and playing off of them with accent colors..I can not go wrong!
for example: if 1 room is blue, I will use golds and greens to accent.
if another room is green I will use golds and blues....etc

We are pleasantly pleased with our choice!

Within the next couple of years we are gonna install mocha colored floors!!!

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