Thursday, December 24, 2009

Random confessions!

I got some blood work back. My triglycerides are too high & HDL way too low!

I bought new tennis shoes and a new belly dancing sash

Through a random series of events I joined a belly dancing class

B/c of my blood work, and low lung capacity I have NO choice but to take exercising and my diet more seriously.

I joined the community center about 3 blocks from my house, they offer free yoga and pilates.

I bought cute new work out clothes to match my new tennis shoes!

I bought 2 cute sports bras to match my work out clothes and tennis shoes

I decided that I wanted to give my paintings as Christmas presents.

I bought new paint, and 3 new brushes to work on my paintings

My husband had to wrap all the Christmas presents b/c he said, "watching you try to wrap presents is...painful! We want people to like what the see, not have them run away from fear!"

My husband also made 2 chocolate pies with chocolate crusts

Last week I worked out Saturday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Walking/Running for 30minutes and doing some sit ups.

This week: Run/walk for 32 minutes. Also did some arm exercises and sit ups.

I am slowly starting to rebuild my ability to run. I am starting out REAL slow. After my lung infection the road to health is a long and winding one with a few pot holes. But I will get there.

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