Sunday, January 31, 2010

And another thing

Q&A time!

Q: Why did you get married in spurs?
A: I have been riding horses my entire life. I used to work on a ranch called, "flying pig ranch" in the beginning years of college. I have been riding in those particular spurs for about 12 years now. I had to pry them off my old boots in order for my dad to put them on my new ones! The boots? funny story, my called me to tell me about my shoe budget for the wedding. Before she even finished her sentence the words outta my mouth were, "hmm-I do need a new pair of riding boots." my own mother thought I was joking-and when she realized I wasn't. She hung up on me. Well, the Tony Lamas spoke my daddy's language-and WHAM-O! New riding boots! Which I wore them to an Apoloosa horse show and turned to Chad, "How many brides get to wear their wedding shoes to a horse show?"

My goddaughter-riding Nicky. Riding that horse is like gliding on a cloud!

K-Girl-my first horse, I got her in high school.

*****Now, on to something completely different***********

I spend my money on 3 things:
1) My house
2) My closet
3) My classroom

Right now, it is my house--more specifically, my bedroom. I finally got the Chester drawers that goes with my antique bedroom set. Is it bad that I am on the antique stores speed dial now? The owner called me Friday afternoon and had GREAT news; she managed to sweet talk the old man outta those Chester drawers! This means wonderful things for Chad and I.
**It means we are officially rid of all the college hand me downs. HOORAY!!!**

Texas is a Great State. But right now it is so dreary out. The grass is dead. The trees are baron. The sky is coal bolt gray. And I crave color! I crave it like smokers need a cigarette, or bread needs butter.
Right now, I am craving me some yellow!
Yellow and I have had a love affair since middle school. I was obsessed with it then, and still gravitate toward it now!

****And because of the cold, lackluster weekend...Random things I found!****


I want this...I googled, "Carrie Bradshaw apartment." I love it! It is now on my list of pieces to find....My silly husband thinks that we don't need it. He thinks we have all of the coffee tables we need-but he's so wrong. Silly husband. (if he can have 5 engines in the garage-I can have 2 coffee tables.) Speaking of my husband, we got into an argument last night. I told him I need to bring some other colors into the livingroom. Don't get me wrong, I adore our livingroom, but it needs a few more complimentary colors to counter balance the blue.
He grew up with a mom that didn't match furniture, didn't accessorize correctly. Filled every room to capacity. White walls. Bathroom mats as livingroom rugs. Her house is where ugly furniture and awful floral paintings, and brass color...EVERYTHING, goes to die. Anyways, being an Engineer-EVERYTHING must match and EVERYTHING in the house must serve a practical purpose! We MUST have minimum of furniture in all rooms. Nothing too eclectic or wild, or crazy patterns! In cases like this, my motto is, "decorate now- permission later."


In what decorating taste is this picture of the scary woman okay?

Ya! Yes, the question that has been a plague to women since the beginning of time! Which do I like better the closet space? Or the clothes?

BOTH!!! If only I could be this organized

Room to spare? Make a closet!

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