Saturday, January 2, 2010

How random?

Today has been a very hectic day! It started with 5 hours of sleep (couldnt sleep for anything last night) then up and out the door to my belly-dancing cardio class. Only because my husband made me, believe me, he was not liked AT ALL this morning! After class I went to Target to get a wedding present, wedding card, and green tights. Then I drove across town to my eyebrow waxing lady. Once you find a good lady..hang on with all your might!
Got lunch at Subway.
Then went HOME! To have Calamity pounce me and curl up on my belly for a "cat-nap."
Eventually I got ready for the wedding! The very wedding, where I bought a dress and then got the invitation! Cosmic-fashion-Karma! You buy the dress, the event will come!

Then on the way home divine intervention set the wheels into motion! Chad missed the exit off the interstate and we ended up taking some back roads home. As we were driving home...there it was....a BEAUTIFUL-VINTAGE-rose colored SETTEE with cherrywood accents sitting outside this barn-looking building filled to the rafters with *sigh* tons and tons of antiques. The night before I was cruising craiglist for bedroom furniture! So I have had a Antique itch to scratch. Our boring old-hodge-podge of hand me down bedroom crap is starting to get under my skin. Especially since I got a very expensive duvet cover for Christmas. No, No that beauty IS not coming out of its package until my bedroom stuff looks a little bit more grown up!
I screamed, "ChaAaAAad, Oh! My! Gosh! Turn around...Quick!!!! What road is this? Turn aaaaround-NOW!"
Chad being the saint that he is, just sighed, and turned the truck around. I was busting out of my seatbelt with excitement! Squealing like a 4 year old on Christmas morning! I think I may have jumped OUT OF THE TRUCK BEFORE HE TURNED IT OFF! As a matter of fact, I know I did, because I caught a rock to my foot...right where my stress fracture is. But I didn't let a little thing like that stop me! I grabbed my purse and like a rocket I was in the store. Just inside the door I let the smell of antiques and beautiful furniture soak into my bones!
Then barely out of ear shot, I heard the mumbling of a familiar voice, I had no choice but to investigate! I moved closer-ya know the move, looking to identify the faces, while at the same time staring at objects in their vicinity?
Then it hit me! Our neighbors!
Then it hit Chad. "Hey, our neighbors....own this store! Yeah, I remember Mr. Butler telling me about it"
What? I screaming in my head? Could it be? Our sweet friendly neighbors, own an antique store? Am I really that blessed to have wonderful neighbors that not only let me annex their pool during the summer, but also own an antique store?
(I hear the Hark! Harold Angels now!!)

So we chatted for a while, now I am avoiding eye contact because my eyes are too busy darting all over this massive barn-o-antiques. Hearing my own name yanks me out of my head, "Chad, Kristin, let me give you a tour of our, 'retro village'!
What? I am thinking to myself. Are you kidding me with this? Seriously? They have a retro village? Yes, yes please take me there at once! Chad had to escort me, by leading me by my shoulders through the narrow aisles, again my eyes and brain reaching some sort of antique-land of euphoria.
We walk along the brick laid path to, "40s-50s-60 retro land of living." I swear I literally felt my pupils dilate to take it all in! I left Chad with Mr. Butler talking who cares at this point. Inside was everything from the 40s 50s and 60s. Fondue pots, yellow kleenex covers, tea pots, yarn-flower pictures, there it the corner holding the retro lamps...a 1954 Broyhill stream lined dresser for $225 bucks. It was in amazing condition. The drawers came out, the center of the dresser had 2 doors that opened up to reveal shallow draws. I immediately envisioned my bra's displayed like victoria secrets bras. I stroked the dresser for a little bit, but inside I knew there was something else.
I went back inside the Barn-o-antiques, wondered around aimlessly...letting my hands glide over Chester drawers, trunks that were stacked 4 high. Beautiful tiffany like lamp hanging lamps, chain lamps, a few manikins that scared the crap outta me! I was too busy looking up and pretending that this 1 emerald green lamp was in my kitchen, I didn't noticed three small steps! As I was falling down the stairs, grabbing a bookcase to catch my fall, I also envisioned breaking everything in the store and being asked NOT to return. I quickly regained balance and found myself in a cozy corner-looking face to face a
THE MOST BEAUTIFUL almost back-VANITY TABLE! I backed up to get a better look when I stumbled on a matching bed side table. Then my reflection caught my eye in a massive Chester drawer piece that matched the vanity table and bed side table. *I hear the Harold Angels sing!*
I was lead here! I was meant to have this bedroom suite. Just then I realize I am standing in front of a 4 piece poster bed!
It was almost like...I was only suppose to soak in 1 beautiful piece at a time. My head started to bobble, like one of those bobble head baseball players.
"Babe? Hey? Kristin? B-a-b-y? I think they are trying to close...we need to leave now."
completely ignoring Chad.
"Mrs. Butler? How much for the vanity, bedside, and dresser?" I asked.
"Babe, you are coming back this way next week for your lung appointment, just swing by then...we need to go."
Again, Ignoring Chad.
"Well sweetie let me add it all up, do you want the bed too?"
"No maam-I have other plans for our headboard"
Chad, huffs and sighs!

"Okay, well I will give you a discount of for the vanity, dresser, and bed side table and bench....that comes to $834, but with the NEIGHBOR DISCOUNT (again, are you kidding me?) ...ohh lets just call it an EVEN $700!! AND I will THROW IN FREE DELIVERY!! *she chuckles*
"of course you will have to carry it from our driveway to your bedroom!" throws in Mr. Butler obviously pleased with his witty joke.
I say through smiles, "well unless my husband says,-think this through?" I will take it!
We get to the truck....Chad goes, "something-something-think this-something-something. Do you have $700...something-something"
I was/am glowing, I don't even remember the ride home...I was too busy rearranging and picking out fabric samples for our new headboard, and wall colors. I was also figuring out what we would do with the random crap of college hand-me-downs. How my new duvet would look against the beautiful wood. How I would arrange my vanity table!
What beautiful accents I would purchase with my $100 gift card from pottery barn! (my mother got it for me, and I have only been in the store once in my life...and it is really not my style, but I saw a pretty milk glass lamp in there.

Per Chad's instructions I have to: wait until tomorrow to think it through. Got back up there and inspect the furniture better.
But I told him I would ask my bloggies for their opinion. lol!
He goes, "that is like asking a fox to guard the hen house!"
Then I can buy it!!

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