Monday, February 1, 2010

Medical update!

Pictures were taken on my rare day off when I lived in the Bahamas. It was a beautiful day (You are probably thinking, "aren't all days beautiful in the Bahamas-lucky jerk?" Answer: Not during Hurricane session) and we were expecting another hard round of off we went! I think about this on days that I get peed on, or worse!

Please note: in this these pictures, I am wearing the powerpuff girls. My nickname in college was Buttercup! (I fell asleep during the Princess Bride)


I heart my new doctor! He is amazing, and thorough and the smell of his after shave put me at ease. It reminded me of my grandfather, he would put his after shave on for church, and anytime he went into town. I picked up pretty quick that my doc, takes immense pride in his career, and appearance. Not b/c he demands it, or is arrogant about it, but rather, b/c he is proud of himself for achieving it. He speaks with an accent I have yet to pinpoint. I am thinking maybe an Island, somewhere, I have heard it before....maybe the Bahamas??

Anyways, I birdwalk (blame it on the ADD) I will be scheduled for a non-dye CT scan, then off to see a Cardiologist for some test's, echo and EKG. He wants to see if the lack of oxygen my entire life has caused damage to my heart. I expected that all of the above tests would be ordered, what I didn't expect was, "Pulmonary therapy!" I love to work out, I love to run, But I have this eternal battle of mind vs. body. My mind wants to let go and just....errm. Go. And. Never. Stop. But, sadly my body just can't provide itself with the fuel to keep up. I have always though I just couldn't push myself hard enough. I thought I was a looser C team bench warmer type athlete.
It's amazing the weight that has been taken off my shoulders to know-I'm not a bench warmer: just can't breathe! I am excited about the therapy. I will learn how to exercise, with 1 lung! I am totally excited!
Welp there ya have it. My update. Tomorrow I return to work wearing my scrubs and tennis shoes. ha! This morning I worked a 1/2 day. Thinking I wouldn't get into a lot of trouble...not trouble try thinking I wouldn't get drooled on, peed on, or spit at, in a mere 3 hours of work...I wore cute black trousers. red and white Henley shirt (that I've had since I was 16-classic styles never go out of style) and an over sized/yet tailored off the shoulder black knit sweater. with a cute pair of ballet flats. I was wrong my friends. WRONG! My student peed in the chair, then I sat in said chair!

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  1. Love the photos! Thanks for the dr recommendation but i am acutally having sinus surgery in a few weeks and they think that will help. We should totally get together for coffee sometime~