Sunday, April 11, 2010

I met someone!!

A wonderful someone

A beautiful someone

A smart, friendly, down to earth someone

A someone that I am truly excited is in my life!

A meant to be friend!

Did I peak your interest yet?

Here is the story! She is a fellow blogger! I have been blog stalking, Christina on "Off the beaten path" for almost a year now. It started like most virtual friendships start, I would leave a comment every once in a while, then she would return the favor. As time passed I began to notice that the restaurants or hospitals she mentioned were in my neck of the woods. Once we discovered that we not only live in the same town, we live in the same bloody neighborhood!

So a meeting was arranged!

I was a tad nervous to meet her; that feeling washed away as soon as I we said our hello's. Christina is such a warm and gentle soul, and talkative person there was never an awkward moment, or and our conversation never stopped! Even when we walked out to the parking lot and our teeth were shivering…we were still talking!

I am most excited b/c I haven't made a new friend outside of the circle of my life in a long time!

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