Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shoes. They do a girl good-pass it on!

Dear Christian Louboutin.

I love you.
I am but a lonely poor public education teacher. My truck is beat up, my dog is old, my husband got laid off, my mama got runned over by a damned ol-train. The rain makes my dog eat doors. I came home from a hard day of work to find my cat's white paws painted multi-neon colors, b/c my poor & restless husband decided to high-lite em, instead of looking for a job. I go to work wearing scrubs, and tennis shoes, and on most days my little autistic children out number me. My chest is killing me, my cats are killing me, my dog is killing me, and my favorite 2 shirts fell outta my suit case in San Diego. Oh! and I am allergic to bacon.

It would do my heart so good if you sent me: your Prive Peep Toe yellow Pumps

I'll take em in a size 7.

that is all.

1 comment:

  1. I am not C. L. but if I had the $$ I'd surely send a pair your way! I bet you'd look smashing in these bright yellow ones!