Monday, May 10, 2010

Light at the end of the migraine tunnel!

Hooray!! I am starting to feel a bit better! And with a less painful headache comes increased appetite! So, we went to pick up one of Chad's childhood friends, that just moved to Fort Worth from New York. We went to Border's, I read trashy magazines and I have NO idea what the boys did. Then I walked across the parking lot and we had dinner at central Market. Then we ventured to sam's and finally came home!

At central market: I purchased
3 seed sourdough bread
cold spinach dip
salt & vinegar chips
organic graham crackers
organic apricot/apple sauce (my favorite)
Pink Lady apples

@ Sams:

goat cheese
organic lettuce
cherry tomatoes
green grapes
all natural cinnamon twirl mini bagels

Ya know the funniest part about shopping, was watching the 2 boys linger behind me, with that cute deer in the head-light look. It cracked me up EVERY time!

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