Friday, June 18, 2010

Post operation update!

Hey guys! Friday is my 2 week mark! I can honestly say with each growing day I get a bit stronger. The pain is tolerable, (I am on darvocet 3x at night and ibuprofen during the day 3x) I just feel pressure and stiffness, that is what bothers me the most. I stretch 3 to 4 times a day and it has helped. I can lift my arms above my head and it has helped relieve the tension in the middle of my back. I walk as much as I can 2 x daily, either 2 blocks in the morning or around the block in the evenings.
I went on Wednesday to get my stitch and steri-strips removed, everything is looking good and healing wonderfully. Dr. Harrell cut slightly below my original scar but he made the end of my incision meet up with the ends of my old scar. I had 3 drainage tubes in the hospital the one on the right gave me the most trouble, when I finally got to sit up in a chair it drained 700cc in 1 hour. I use the coach 7 to 8 times a day, I have a long way to go on this, before leaving the hospital I couldn’t even blow a 500. Now I am blowing 1000-750 regularly. This is my biggest upset, I wished I was blowing better, but according to the Dr. Harrell, parts of my lungs have NEVER been used. He said that when he lifted my chest, he could see my lungs taking the air and unfurling for the first time. I took my first deep breath in Lubbock, it was deep and I could feel my lungs open up on the side of my body, something I had never felt before! Talking is extremely difficult; I have trouble carrying on a conversation because my lungs are so weak. I can say a few words, take a breath, speak a few more words, take a breath, and talk a couple words. It is hard and absolutely drains me!
Sleeping: This week I have accomplished sleeping in my bed the entire night! With the help of pillows I can prop up on my side and sleep wonderfully. I generally start out the night sleeping on a wedge pillow, but half way through the night my husband will swap the wedge for my pillow and I can sleep flat on my back! Such a wonderful accomplishment! My back thanked me for this! Using my leg, I can roll myself up out of bed, off the couch; out of the chair…you name it!
I have to take a nap daily otherwise I get pretty emotional, stressed, and fatigued. On nights where I get good deep sleep I have a nice energizing day, the nights where my sleep is restless my day is more difficult and I am dragging.
My appetite is coming along, though not quite back to normal. I’m eating three times a day, mostly soft foods because my throat and muscles are still tender. Lots of pasta, casseroles, and fruits which gives me plenty of energy. Life is slowly but surely returning to better than normal.

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  1. So glad to hear you're recovering well. Hugs and prayers for you!
    xoxo MMW