Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer in a week! A preview of what's to come!

Hello friends of the Blog world, Oh! how I have missed all of you. I have wonderful news, tons and tons of wonderful news!

1) I am in excellent health! Saw my surgeon for a 9wks post op check up and the doctor can't hardly believe how healthy I am!! My heart is looking full and robust and has already moved back to the center of my chest!! My lungs are holding about 2000cc of air (compared to 200 when this adventure started.) I thank my family, friends and God. I am truly blessed!

2) I am coming back soon! I have so many funny and wonderful stories to share of my summer (mis)adventures! My problem is slowing down long enough to type em all out!!

3) I have been a busy-bee as of late. Sewing, nesting, painting, rearranging, framing, (kinda) cleaning (only to make room for the next mess I am about to make)creating, shopping, and letting my juices flow!!

4) In the last 2 weeks, I have traveled to the mountains of Oklahoma, to the flat land of Lubbock Texas. I have gazed into hypnotic trance of a beautiful spider web, swam in crystal clear water with a rough & tumble 7 year old girl who trips more than me, tried to convince a 27 year old autistic man why putting gas in an empty gas tank 300 miles from a GOOD thing! I have yet again annexed my neighbors pool for my own happiness, rode in a mini-van for 30 miles next to a velvet ant, or cow killer, while my 27 year old autistic friend was getting a kick outta making it made! about an adrenaline rush!!! Listened to 3 guys pick a guitar in the middle of no-where-Oklahoma, chased rabbits, laughed at squirrels, fed a raccoon, saved 3 baby raccoons and most important to my heart and soul.....became the guardian (if anything were to happen to his parents) of above mentioned autistic guy.

.....and that is just what I did in the last 4 days!!! I can't wait to post all my projects around the house!!!

More to come when I slow down long enough to bang it all out on my computer!
xoxo Kristin!

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  1. Oh welcome welcome back. I'm especially happy to hear about your great health. With all you've been through... LOVE your smile in the swimming pool photo above. You look great. Look forward to catching up with you.
    xoxo MMW