Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oklahoma where the magic happens!

I have had so many adventures as of late! My health is great and I have more energy than I know what to do. I have been Horseback riding in the panhandle, camping in the hills of Oklahoma, working on house stuff, and getting my crazy classroom in order. Oh! Man! CRAZY!!

This story begins in the hills of Oklahoma!

These pictures were taken in Broken Bow Oklahoma. We stayed in a cozy little cabin that overlooked the cold spring fed river. In the mornings the river was smooth as glass, and the morning fog was like a subtle fallen cloud lost from its herd. The water was chilled and invigorating. The rising sun was shy at first only given us a small peak over the mountain tops.

The brick like layers of slate rock appeared so perfect and angular, it was hard to believe they were not man made. It is easy to understand where we get the names, "slate gray" and "slate blue." Now and then the slate would be interrupted with a large deposits of glycining quartz crystal.

The tree roots snaked their way around a mosey green blanket weaving a wooden tapestry.

We went to a land where girls got to be girls

and boys got to be boys

and a family grew closer.

A wonderful place where music was made

laughter was never ending

Some moments were cherished above others. Likea father passing on his wisdom to his son with autism.

Other moments make you feel apart of something bigger, like when you help baby raccoons get out of a dumpster. They were so cute when they got out of the dumpster, each showing off their own personality baby raccoon 1 did a face plant onto the pavement. baby raccoon 2 slid down the dumpster and did a face plant. baby raccoon 3 was smart...he hoped onto the fence around the dumpster and climbed up the tree.

and fed the spoiled!

But the most important and most cherished moment in this trip, was becoming a Godparent to my friend Evan.

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