Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Confession of a libra: Fashion week

worth $10grand-Oscar de la Renta
I had some wonderful thought provoking blogs written down, talking about lessons we could learn from children, and the mis-haps from my classroom. But, when my life is stressed I spend hours looking at fashion(I can't afford), shoes(I totally can't afford), and handbags (I dream about buying), and I read books about shopaholics.


I love shopping.

The thrill of trying on new shoes and feeling the shoe slide onto your foot, the feel of new leather, the smell of a new handbag, oh such sweet joy. Standing in the dressing room and the thrill of sliding into a dress and just knowing, "this is coming home." Oh(!) and how exciting is it when your new clothes get to make friends with your old ones.

I love shopping!!

So, in honor of Paris' Fashion week & award session let's do a fashion review

I reviewed Victoria Beckhams new line: and let me tell you what, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed her new dress line. I loved her details in the sewing lines, and her necklines were to die for, I find myself gravitating toward more classic cuts like Audrey Hepburn-eque neck lines and such. And I was amazed at how beautiful some of VB's dresses were!!

Oscar de la Renta-oh man, this man knows how to dress a woman.

His pre-fall line of dresses were gorgeous! They were So simple, So basic, so feminine!! The Spring line and the gowns are to die for….pastels, and floral prints. Oscar can do NO wrong!

(worth $10grand)

this is my favorite!! (worth $10grand)

2nd fav (worth $15grand)
3rd fav! (worth $5grand)

this dress cost 11grand.

worth $12grand)

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