Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cowtown 5K!

It is hard to imagin that a year ago, I was miserable on the couch watching the world pass me through the window of my lap top.  Now, I am running in a 5K with my school.  My aide (she is the lady I am standing next to in the top picture) forced me to sign up for it.  I was planning on walking the entire thing, but when I found out we were in the competitive nature just couldn't handle coming in last.

So I ran.  And let me tell you, running is still physically painful, twisting my core makes me become acutely aware of where the 8inch bar is, in my chest.  Running the last half mile, I could see the finish line, I was in so much pain, I wanted quit....BUT I kept running and when I crossed the finish line, I wanted to cry!!

I got pretty emotional when I crossed the finish line-it speaks volumes to me how much my life has changed in a year. 

All the changes are pretty exciting!!

And guess what?  Like an idiot, I have signed up for another bloody 5k.  


  1. Hooray! I'm so proud of you. You have come so far.

    I also laugh because I grew up in Calgary Alberta Canada - and we always called our city Cow Town.

    Ha ha.

  2. You are such a phenomenal woman! I'm proud to call you my friend. :)