Monday, June 27, 2011

DYI: lamp shade

I am sorry, I do not have a good quality before picture of my lamp.  But, I did manage to capture the 80's style lamp shade.  I got it in my head that I wanted to sew a new lamp shade, why I decided to march down this thread paved road, I have NO idea.  Though I love the outcome, I will NEVER do it again.  ...EVER!!

The reason?  Mainly because of how tedious it was...and I am awful at sewing on a curve.  

Take a look at the 80's style lamp shade, pretty nice, eh?  It's broke in the back b/c I originally tried to take the part that looks like the lid of a toothpaste off just leaving me with the plastic bottom.  I was going to glue the fabric onto the plastic, but it was so old...the entire lamp shade fell apart.  So I grabbed the lamp shade frame off another lamp and starting sewing.

I also spray painted the bottom-white.  I just loved the orange in the lamp-I couldn't bring myself to spray it.

But I must add that the fabric was $6 a yard and I already had the ribbon on hand.  So it was much cheaper than going out and buying a generic $24 lamp shade. 

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