Friday, July 22, 2011

I want my Before back

Before: This picture was taken before my den, and my house became...well there are hardly words to describe its current state.
 I found out at the end of this past school year that the program [I teach] is moving campuses.  So I had to pack up my entire room and take all my personal crap home.  You should see what I had the husband haul up to the attic.

In my efforts to make my new classroom, which will be significantly smaller than my old one, super organized I am trying to put things in containers, this includes the cat!
 For a lazy cat, he sure is bossy.

 Those 3 boxes are my classroom toys, and I will admit I enjoy playing with them as much as my students.
 I even took the recycling bin from my classroom.  I tried to get the sink, but I got caught.
 The cats love this room, it's like a jungle.  In fact, I think the crap in this room is turning them feral.
 Ah yes, under the layers of crap, there is a pile of laundry.  Nice! {See the germ X on the mantle..NICE-huh!)
 See the polka-dot bag?  I sat that bag on that chair the last day of school, and it hasn't moved since.  It is still filled with end of the year crap.  I remember getting home at 7:30 that day.  I was so exhausted that week, between packing up my classroom, getting end of the year paper work done, and organizing and keeping a classroom held together.  It was a long hard week.
I also did all my beginning of the year sewing in that little-bitty spot in the corner! 

 Every nook and cranny has crap in it!  Look at that even a basket has a basket!!
 Do you spy a cat?  It's a rare species called the Wild Texas Den Cat.  It survives in boxes and in bookshelves, and under sewing tables.
 You can barely see it, but at the very end of the mantel is germ X.  That's awesome!  You don't see germ X in many home decor pictures!! 
 The crap is now starting to spill over into the living room.  Notice the yoga mat, when I get tired of working on lesson plans, I ooze onto my mat and do a little yoga.

Like that cart?  It's a nice addition to the home decor!  Along with the chottoman! (It is the hybrid-old chair-slash-ottoman that broke and yet never made it to the curb.)

Less than 4 weeks and I will get my house back!!  Not ready for my summer to be over, but I sure am ready for my house back!!

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