Thursday, June 28, 2012

Like peaches, wanna shake the tree?

My mother in law found a wild peach tree on the edge of their property.  During father's day, she and the husband went and picked the tree clean (I was playing with guns and chasing cows with my family.)  As a result we brought home nearly 45pounds of wild Texas peaches! 
I froze 2 quarts, and we ate the rest!
I blended, grilled, chopped, cut, juiced, and simply and happily ate!!

 ......more like gorged on peaches.  


 Nothing went to waste, the skins and bruised part of the peach was put in fine colander, strained for the juice and mashed.  

After I juiced it, I put all the mash in an ice tray and froze it for the Chickens, for a late-afternoon frozen treat!
I still don't know what I'm gonna do with the juice, but it was so sweet and so good!!


I love summer time in Texas!!

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