Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Painting to Rejuvenation!

I love, love, love to paint! It sends me into a world of relaxation and rejuvenation. I discovered this joy when somehow I ended up working for a Professional Theater company. When I say, "somehow-I really mean, somehow I ended up painting. It was one of those, 'friend-of-a-friend, who knew a guy kinda situation. As soon as they handed me a brush, I was hooked! After a few months of "volunteering" to help them "load-in" shows, they kinda hired me, and the gift was born!!

After I changed majors; I had nothing to paint, and I started having withdraws-so I started buying cheap naked furniture, then stumbled upon canvas. Oh the joy and stress of painting canvas, I am a very pragmatic thinker who can't draw, so my paintings reflect such.

So now fast-forward several years later...I am officially an adult who has a house and an impending marriage, and a painters finger-that itched so bad I starting painting the walls when we were living out of the few boxes we had carried with us. I mean our new house is beautiful, but it's covered in beige!! yuck!!This room is MY DEN!!! And I really wanted to create a room that you naturally gravitated to, but was not sure why. And it made you feel like you were hugged as soon as you walked in the room. So I went with the gold family and used the natural patina green color, and blue as accents. The walls are old wood paneling that needed some extra dimension, so I used a ragging technique that adds depth and character to the paneling. Now the lines in the wood with me instead of against me.

before/during after

The Book case!!

It took me about 2 days to paint the entire room and ceiling. My next task was the build in floor to ceiling bookcase. This house was built in 1960 and you back then walnut color wood stains and scalloped molding were all the rage. So I decided to paint
the book case with an aging technique. This is a very long and time consuming process but totally worth it!! The bookcase is beautiful with deep shelves!!

before after

Even though we don't have all our stuff unpacked or even know exactly where all of our stuff is going, I finally got to return to cool and relaxing place again, now to me, finding those moments are what it's all about. I am currently busy sanding and cleaning off the walls, OH! I busted down a wall to find a cool old cabinet the previous owners covered up. The feel and look is going to be much different than my den!


  1. My house is teeny tiny house and I can't fit any more furniture in it! I did start a new painting though, and that feels good. Productive. Inspiring.

  2. OHHH!!!! How I love paintings!!! It does make you feel productive!

  3. The bookshelf looks awesome, very vintage! I love what you did with that room!