Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcome To Nachomatic Designs!

Hello out there, my name is Kristin, I attempted to major in theater designs in college, but my life took me another way. I am engaged to my high school sweet-heart, Chad and we just bought a house together. I am enjoying a new job as a special education teacher, a brand new house, and also planning a wedding (the big day is in April.)

My life is very unique, on the weekends Chad and I generally hang out with Evan, or work on the house, or in the spring play outside in the garden. We live in the Great State of Texas and we have meddling families...just like on "Everybody loves Raymond." My dad is a cowboy, cooks on the back of a chuck-wagon for fun, he caters all sorts of events, and sometimes we tag along. My mom however, would rather be buying the mall. Chad's mom is 60 and last time I saw her she was gathering up rocks from the creek bed, and blowing her whistle at their new lab pup-Charlie. And in my over-analytical behavior mind I immediately thought when I saw her blowing the whistle at Charlie, "have you even taught him what the whistle means? I mean currently you look like a crazy woman-hauling rocks with a new knee blowing a whistle in the creek bed" Lest we forget about my 87 year old grandfather, he just went camping up in Oklahoma, just underwent 6weeks of radiation, would lives to drive on his tractor and chase his his cows around his 40acre farm. He is annoyingly 4 hours early to every family, and church event and doctor's visit. One time I had to drive out to his farm to put in his eye drops (I was dressed up for work mind you) I had to chase him on his tractor, then his...goat, that was on a rope chased me, then the big dog was chasing the goat on a rope, then the small dog was trying to keep up with the big dog. I am sure if you looked closely you would have seen a cat chasing the small dog, a blue bird chasing the cat, and a mouse somewhere thrown in the mix.

The unexpected generally happens to me. I have stabbed myself in the back with a pick ax, a year ago I lost my friend Evan in the woods, 12 hours later, over 300 volunteers, teams of horses, helicopters, 3 dog teams, later he came waltzing in the door. He had found a fox hole and was sitting just outside it waiting for the fox.

I am very excited to start this blog, My partner, Nacho and I have lots of in-home before and afters, some really great stories and just wait until I get to post my wedding pictures. We are getting married in a Lavender field, down in the hill country, our photographer is a journalist for "Texas Parks and Wildlife!" How exciting is that, it was an absolutely honor to met her, I felt like I was with royalty!!

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  1. Oh my, you just nearly made me cry with your kind comments. (Getting comments on your blog is so cool, as you'll discover.)