Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Texas kind of Snow Day!

"If you don't like the weather in Texas stick 5minutes it will change!!"

Our definition of "snow-days" use words like, "black snow" or "dirty ice" and "black slush." We do not use words like, "powder fresh" or "up to your knees" and our snow men are always small and generally consist of dirt and leaves. On Tuesday it started drizzling and it was below freezing outside, people in Texas can drive in 107 degree heat, but throw freezing drizzle into the mix and and we totally close down...EVERYTHING!!! Our school closed early (which most kids love, but our kids who thrive in structured routine, totally flipped out) then on Wednesday we got a snow day!!! I was laying in bed, just waiting for a great-great phone call telling me, "go back to is closed!!" Nothing is better than an unexpected free day. In Tarrant county there were 614 wrecks on this particular snow-day. I made Chad stay home and together we worked on our living room, moving out furniture, prepping walls, patching cracks, making measurements for crown molding. Then we sat on the couch that is covered in plastic (I just reupholstered it) and took a nap on Chad's shoulder while destructo-the kitten beast slept in both our laps.
Today (a mere 4 days later) all indications of the freeze are gone, it was about 73 degrees outside, kinda windy but really a beautiful day. Chad and I had our engagement pictures made today, we went to a train track, a park; that was filled with families, runners, dog walkers, kids playing assorted sports, and even an ice-cream truck. Finally we took Chad's 1964 Ford Galaxy that he restored from hand and went to a field and sat on the hood while she snapped away. I can't wait to get these pictures!! This is the first time in my life, I have had pictures made, I am always on the other side of the camera, it was awkward at first, but the photographer was amazing, she believes in capturing the essences of the moment. Tomorrow is suppose to be an equally amazing day, Since Chad and I aren't football people (I know, I know hating football in Texas is sacrereligious) we are going to take Mia-Jean down to the Trinity River and let her go swimming, while we take pictures and enjoy the day, then we'll head on over to the book-store. mmmmm-books!! First I will get caught up on my gossip magazines, then get a big stack of various books, sink down into a couch and read the day away!! Oh how I love books!

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