Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An old couch for My Chad = A New couch for US!

When I was a little girl, my grandmother; granny I always called her, insisted I learn to sew. Being a tom-boy and growing up on a working farm there was always at least a dozen other things I would have rather been doing. Like, playing pretend in the barn, chasing the cows, hanging out with my papa on the tractor, doing awesome stuff, like feeding the cows, picking up cans on the highway, driving across a flooded low water crossing, just because....but looking back now, I realize those awesome things were actually quite dangerous-which would explain my ability to get myself into trouble over what I think is the simplest of tasks. But in reality (well, generally Chad's) is kinda dangerous. Like getting a license plate on the side of the road during rush hour traffic-well, not really a "road," so much as a 5 lane interstate, and not really, "the side of the road" as being on the inside shoulder...of a major metropolitan freeway that completely wraps around Dallas/Fort Worth. But we were saving money for a house, and I was with his mother, and I wasn't in any kind of danger.

So, when my granny found me in the back bedroom taping a pillow together for a barn cat, I really sealed my fate. My Great granma made wedding quilts for all her great-grandchildren; so when Chad and I finally get married in April, we will get a quilt she made FOR ME, AND MY HUSBAND!!! -and I have NEVER seen it. Anyways, she forced me to learn how to sew pillows, buttons, and stitch up holes in clothes. and how to use a sewing machine; when she passed away 11 years ago I was so lucky to have inherited her sewing machine. I am so blessed for those forced lessons. I am 28 years old and have NEVER-EVER in my LIFE bought curtains!! And it was last Christmas when I finally bought my very first quilt to put atop our bed.

About 5 years ago, I was living in my first apartment, in cow-town, working my way through college as a bartender. Naturally all my furniture was all hand-me-downs, and ugly as sin, so one day on a whim I decided to reupholster an old couch. To me, it wasn't that big of a deal, I would take off the old fabric; use it as a pattern, then reattach the new fabric. EASY AS PIE!! It took me about a month; less than $400 bucks, and gave it a new life! (and made my mom have to get a tetnus shot, when she stappled her hand)


Fast-forward 5 years; Chad and I bought our first house and my old couch was dying, the fabric looked amazing but the bones of the couch were starting to warp, it kinda became a "rocker-couch." So when we got into our new house, I took Chad's couch that looked like an old funeral parlor couch, his dad (who passed away several years ago) picked out and gave it new life. I took off all the old fabric, used it as a pattern and put the new fabric back on. It took me about 3 weeks-total, and less than $500 bucks. I used micro-suede fabric it is super strong material (I tried stabbing it with scissors and it didn't rip the fabric) machine washable and very durable.

However, I can't take all the credit for my couch, I have a little Korean man, on speed-dial who does all my cushions, I am horrible at sewing in zippers,that lesson my Granny never taught me. Someday I will learn though, and I will also learn to make quilts, I love telling the story of how my great-granma left me a gift for me and my husband: 20years after she passed away. To me, it is an invaluable lesson and gift that brings me to tears every time I think about it.

I love knowing how to sew, one day during a Teachers work day, I brought my grand curtains I am currently working on and finished putting in the pleats. I have 4 more left to sew for the living room.



  1. I was given sewing lessons for Christmas when I was twelve. Disappointment was an understatement, plus, I had to ride the bus to a mall an hour away on Friday afternoon for a year. In retrospect, I am so grateful for learning how to sew. I made my daughter's clothes when she was wee and have made many curtains.

  2. I have read Eat, Pray, Love and only wish a publishing company would pay me to travel around the world. I was very envious of her and her opportunity. We'll see maybe something is in the cards for me one day...