Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The chair is finally off my "Hacer" list!

So about 5 years ago my great aunt passed away. Me, my dad, and 2 uncles went over to her house to help clean things up. It was then that I fell in love with this rocker. It was so mid 1950's early 1960's, so vintage, and real comfy! I nabbed it before my uncles tossed it in the trash. It immediately moved in with me and my couch but the couch was a little jealous at first. He claimed I favored the chair more, but I really didn't. I covered up the ugly fabric with some old horse blankets...that worked for a while, but I always knew this rocker had great potential. So I dragged it onto my balcony and started sanding. At first I was sanding on it everyday, then I would only work on it on Wednesday's, after my workout. Then it soon faded to once a week, then finally it moved into the storage building for 2 years. When Chad and I moved the second time I promised this beautiful piece of furniture I would continue sanding it until I was done. -I didn't! But alas, when Chad and I moved into our new home, about 1 year after our second move I finally finished it-only a mere 5 years later!!

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  1. I love the color of the chair now! I bet the couch is really envious now...