Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wanna hear a funny story?

So yesterday I was suppose to go to a training, called "advanced visual strategies." This training was booked all the way back in November. Well, sometime last week I bumped into my favorite substitute teacher who was sub-ing for me, in that conversation that I realized that, the day I had in my calender, and the day that the secretary had were wrong. So I quickly fixed it. Fastforward to yesterday morning; I packed my fruit, and water, and got real excited because I was going to have sushi for lunch, run by my favorite thrift store after the training was over.

I get to the education center: guess what? I can't find my class. Turns out, the date the secretary was correct, I must have recorded it down wrong.
So paniced, and stressed out, I found myself at the thrift
I finally called Chad and he told me to call my principal. So I ended up getting the day off!!

I went shopping, went for an hour long bike ride, cooked a great dinner, and soaked in a hot bath. over all-it was an unexpected pleasant day.

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