Friday, February 27, 2009

Bedroom inspiration!

So, now that my living room is almost done. I am looking for inspiration to re-do our bedroom. So I have poured through various websites and blogs looking for something that will inspire me.

My style is like 1960's meets mexican decor that got into a car wreck with the bahamas recovered and collected some western stuff. Sounds complicated? I will try and break it down for you.

1) I love color, I am a color-a-holic. I wear clothes with lots of colors, greens, blues, purples, yellows, and especially pink. Oh! I love pink! Let me count the ways, I have watches, clothes, lots of shoes, pillows, pillow cases, pink books, anything I see that's pink, I pretty much buy.

2) I love the designs of furniture from the 1960's, mint greens, soft blues.

3) Being from Texas, we are surrounded with the mexican culture. They also love color, arches, tiles, fabrics, and plaster. It really adds a unique layer to design.

4) I had the pleasure of moving to the Bahamas when I was in college. They also loved blues and greens, and weren't afraid of color!!!

5) Growing up in Texas, I wear boots, work in a ball cap, drive a truck, I am an avid horseback rider, cook food off the back of a chuckwagon. I really love the rustic type furniture with the lone star on it, or the western decor.

Also throw in my love for the planet, I am totally into living green. We eat local and organic food, buy organic paint with low VOCs. Plus, I have finally won the arguement to get bamboo floors installed in our house!!

Here are some of my favorite bedrooms thus far!

I like the first one b/c of the suttleness of the room, but the pop of the blanket.
I like the second one blue tones. It does have a little too much of a quilts and apple pie feel to it.
I like the third picture b/c of the old-world charm (but my den looks like that)
I love the patterns and layers in the fourth one.
And, finally, I love the last one b/c of the different wood tones, and the color on the wall. But it lacks coziness, and texture.

I really want my master bedroom to be cozy, and have calm-ness and warmth to it. I want it to wrap me up and hug me as soon as I walk it, but be crisp and cool during the hot Texas summers.


  1. Good luck! I always freeze up and paint everything white. When you were describing your likes, I was beginning to see a very colorful, cozy room. Follow your heart!

  2. Yes, those are copper garden markers. I have wanted them FOREVER. I got them at Target on clearance last fall. They are usually kind of costly. They come with a grease pen that works great. I grew four types of heirloom tomatoes last year. I think one was zebra? Also two yellow heirloom varieties. I will dig up their names. I loved your description of the garden, it made me giggle!