Sunday, March 1, 2009

an unexpected surprise!

So today we had to run to the hardware store to get rollers, and price crown-molding...and as I was cruising the garden section a beautiful blueberry colored hyacinth caught my eye. Then I remembered that last year I bought a pretty pink one. After it died I took the bulbs and put em in a pot...watered it once and a while, and forgot about it. -Until today!! When we got home, I ran to the back yard found the pot, dumped the dirt...and behold....little budding baby hyacinth!!!

Whoo-hoo!! I felt like such an accomplished green thumb! I was so excited, I couldn't even see straight. I gave her a little water, stuck her in the sun for a while, and decided to do a little research about the flower. Turns out, growing these beauty's are apparently hard, so I ran back to the backyard, and put the pot back where she was. Dare I jinx myself.

I also pruned and repotted my rosemary (he thanked me.)

So next weekend will be dedicated to our garden. OH! I can't wait!!!!

I will keep you posted on my unexpected surprise!!

Meanwhile this is what she looked like last year!

I love the contrast.

Can you see the bee?

I can hardly wait for my surprise!!

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  1. Oh, I bet that smells sooo good. Hooray for volunteer plants, they make my day. We had huge pumpkins growing out of the compost one year!