Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

My career path has defiantly been lead by God, it started when I was 14 years old and started working on a ranch. As fate should have it, the ranch owners son had just been diagnosed with Autism. Back then, doctors told this family that, "buffalo wings and herbal tea," would cure this autism thing. Evan, was non-verbal viewed as strange, and had a pretty rough life, I was young, independent, and awkward. It was a perfect fit; our friendship remains strong to this day. Thanks for our friendship, I learned my plight in this world. My voice and my education, and my passion; is to help families, and teachers become more educated about Autism. I want to help teachers learn what methods work best for teaching, I want to help them create programs, and really be an advocate with autism-education.

I dream the hardest dream of all; Not to rid the world of Autism, but to figure out how to help the 1:150 kids born with Autism become recovered. People with Autism bring such a unique, and honest breathe to this world. It would be a shame to rid the world of such joy! I dream to understand Autism better, and give a voice to all the beautiful kids.

I think about all the laughter, joy, and great adventures I have experienced in my life; I wouldn't be who I am today had it not been for Evan....who is considered recovered and the funniest person I know.
One time he was doing something annoying, and I asked him, "Evan why are you doing that?" he goes, "I dunno, I guess its the autism)

Anyways....Sorry I tend to birdwalk when it comes to Autism. I have always known what I would end up doing, I just never knew how I would get there. So when I graduated college I had no idea where to start this journey. At the time I was a personal care attendant for kids with autism, one of my clients suggested I work as a private A.B.A. therapist. Long story short, I got the job as a private therapist-but when the economy started to go bust, my grandmother died of breast cancer, my cat died, and I got laid off. It was time to find another path-God quickly lead me to public education.
Since June I have been working toward my teaching certifcation, becoming a teacher is not an easy task.
1) You have to take a test that qualifies you to be a teacher
2) A year later, you have to take another test that justifies you to be a teacher.
Then you have paper work, assessments, paperwork, classes, paperwork, and a little more paperwork.

This is Calamity "helping" me study

For the last 2 weeks I have been devoting my life to studying for my last state board. Which because of public education politics, I have to drive to Brownville Texas (on the Texas/Mexico border) to take the test....during my spring break and 2 days after my baccalaureate party!! Then spend the next day and a half to drive back home! (b/c I live in North Cental Texas....yup its that big)

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  1. Good luck and blessings on your new path. I will seek your advice when my after-school art program gets off the ground!