Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So many things, come and gone...leaving me to ask, "Am I stronger for it?"

My first shower has come and gone.

My spring-break has come and gone.

These were the only pictures I took at my shower, before I was fired as a photographer. Turns out people should take pictures of the guests...not flowers, and such. But I have always been a bit of a shutterbug. I never go anywhere with out my camera, I think so many things are beautiful and I like to capture them. So it was an internal battle for me, not to snap tons of pictures in Brownsville......
My trip to Brownsville, has come and gone. I don't have a single picture of the gulf.
*heavy sigh* In my head I would have taken beautiful sun-set/sun rise pictures. And take tons of pictures of palm trees, and flowers, and the beach. I would have taken pictures of the beautiful architecture with vibrant colors. It breaks my heart that I was there for responsibility (plus my camera was deader-than-a-door-knob. Once I was taking a study break by the pool (no bathing suit-just needed some fresh air) and I really wished I could have snapped this picture.
"The was the silouette of a palm tree, and it was sitting in front of a mustard yellow stucco wall, and to the left of the wall was white latis in arches, and in the forefront an shimmery ink blue crystal clear pool. The sun was golden, the sky was happy blue and the cotton candy clouds-had the feeling of "spring time in Texas" oozzing out of it. There was a slight breeze, and you could smell the ocean and even fell the ocean engulf you as soon as you stepped outside." Oh I wished I would have snapped that picture! I am still made at myself for that missed opprotunity.

But I was there for my final state board. My sweet Chad met me in Fredericksburg Texas, where my Bachelorette party was, we drove 5hours south, and my girls drove 5hours North. We got to our hotel, and they got home...at the exact same time. (and they are still 3 hours from Oklahoma) Thats how big and mighty this state is...
Just to make this trip bittersweet-I found out....I failed my test by 10 damn points!

So Monday, I called my school and with perseverance, determination, the Grace of God...and not accepting NO for an answer. I found a loop-hole and registered for another Test. Of course, the test date was my final alterations fitting for my wedding dress. I moved that appointment exactly a week before wedding. No rush, No pressure! No stress! Which we are less than a month away now.

This is my wedding quilt and my great grandmother made a unique one for 6 of her grandchildren. As a child I can remember her sitting in the back room at her quilting loom watching "As the world turns." I loved playing in that back room, I mean all kinds of fabric-folded neatly, and bolts EVERYWHERE-and the closet*sigh* oh the wonderful closet...more neatly folded beautiful fabric. Thinking about that room, takes me to a very happy place. Sorry I birdwalk, I was never allowed to play in that room when the loom was down. So most times I would go and play pretend in the barn. But as soon as that loom went up....I was playing princess...and wraping that fabric around me. Wait? What was I really talking about? Oh! yeah! my wedding quilt, when my Granny died she gave the last 2 quilts(that her mother made) to my mom, when she walked out of her bedroom holding this seemingly new quilt....I went into tears. It was made over 20years ago, for me...by my granma-granma. (She died shortly after completing her last quilt...my dad swears she was hanging on just to finish them) Needless to say, it is something I am VERY proud of.
Someday after I am done with my education (considering I start an Autism Intervention masters program, as soon as I am done getting my State Teaching License and after that I want my doctorate...it might take a while)But I will learn how to make quilts so this tradition never dies.

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  1. That is one very special quilt. It will embrace you with all of the sweet memories you hold. Maybe, one day, a wee babe will be giggling upon it...