Monday, May 18, 2009

Between a keep my mouth shut and an impatient teacher!

I remember once about a life time, when I was an behavioral-interventionist. It was my job to take baseline data, come up with a plan, then train the teacher on how to implement the behavioral intervention plan. I realized it then, going into teacher's classes, telling them all things they need to change. I realized that teacher's are territorial over their classroom and over their students.

I am very much of the mind set, "it takes a village to raise a child." So when I can tell a teacher is having problems with a student, it is only natural that I step in and assist. Especially since I have 14 years experience, college education, not to mention the 150hours of training I have gotten this year alone.
I want to help, I yearn to help, it takes EVERYTHING I have not to help her.

But she doesn't want me to help. I am "stepping on her toes" or, "telling her how to run her class." I spent all day Friday. (she was out with "strep" the next 2 days following our "write-up") Anyways, I spent all day Friday fighting with this student. The first fight lasted 1hour and 45minutes. He was sitting in the middle of the room, screaming and I repeated, "Are you ready to play 5 little monkeys" over and over and over for 1hour and 45minutes! Until finally he got up and played the song. Then I gave him a 10minute break, and asked him to play the song again. He did it immediately!
The next 2 fights: lasted an the cafeteria.
The next fight lasted 30minutes. It was over work, which afterward he got a break then I asked him to do it again. He did, I got 100%compliance out of him!

Today: The teacher blamed his compliant behavior....on *drum roll please* his parents giving him his medication!
Don't get me wrong, bio-medical plays a huge factor, but this student has been on the med's long enough to have stabilized. And trust me-his behavior ......was all him living up to the expectation that was set on Friday!

It frustrates me.

Then tonight that same teacher called me at home. She started talking about that it feels like she invaded my peaceful space.

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