Monday, May 18, 2009

bed time chat!

I was laying in bed reading a very intense chapter from my current book, I got to the end of the chapter:

I whipped around in bed, looked at Chad with all the anger I had for the male lead Character, Jullian. Slapped the book on my leg and starred intently at Chad.

Chad: "Whaat?" ( saying it defensively)
Me: *sigh* "noooothing" (realizing I was about to bite Chad's head off)
Me: giggling
Chad: "what is so funny?"
Me: "Well it just occured to me I was going to yell at you for a character in a book."
Chad: "I knnnoooowww, you do that alot."
Me: "really?"
Chad: "yes, like the time you watched 'The other boleyn sister' and you were mad at me the entire day, and kept telling me you were mad at me because the king chopped off Natalie Portmans head. Or the other day when the Mia, (the lead female character of the book) made you mad. Or how about the dreams you have where I cheat on you, or flirt with another girl. Yes baby you do it alot, and I am use to it."
Me: (in utter shock) "well-err-I guess, but someone's gotta be yelled at for people being idiots, and I am sorry but I guess you got nominated!"
Chad: "and so it is the plight for all men-kind"

I love that Chad "gets me" I love that I can tell him, "I am sorry but you're wrong" (in which case, he really was wrong-he said my eyebrows looked good all thick and unshapely-he was wrong) I love that he lets me be me.
I am a people analyzer at heart. I can't help it, I am just built to analyze behavior. Behavior Analysis was the first class in my entire educational carreer that made so much sense to me, I felt like it was all common knowledge and a waste of mine, and everyones time. I was render speechless when I realized people had problems with that class. Needless to say: analyzing the death out of my relationships was always a huge problem.
Yup, I don't have the problem with Chad, he tell's it like it is, there is NO guess work, No wondering, No underlying issue really exacerbating the issue.
He is what he is!


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