Saturday, May 16, 2009


Wednesday of last week I was waiting to meet with my principal, to get my summative scores from my formal observation. Standing right outside my assistant principals office, I heard her take a deep sigh, exhausted myself, I popped off, "Oh I hear that Ms. Traylor." Somehow we got onto the subject of babies! This conversation brings me to my current blog topic;


Ms. Traylor said, "Oh, once you have kids its not about you anymore"
I said, "Oh there will be none of that for us."
Ms. Traylor, "Oh its a right of passage every woman has to go through, so don't go saying that!"

This is among many of the conversations I have had with people involving me, and babies. I have literally had arguements with women involving babies. Apparently because I have the equipment for it, I should have them. Even though I dont want them.

I have been harrassed because I don't want children:
I have been told, "because you don't have children you can't do your job as well as I can." (I have 14 years of experience working with children with autism-I think I'm qualified)
I have been told, "God wants you to have children."
"What kind of woman doesn't want children? What's wrong with you?"
"All women have to be apart of the motherhood club, you will change your mind."

Please don't get me wrong: There are some GREAT-GREAT women out there that were put on this Earth to be mom's. They are Great-smart-strong-intelligent-well educated mothers! And They are all strong, beautiful, and thrilled to be mothers. I have a dear-dear friend that are one of these women. She got married in September and is having her first child soon! I was in her wedding, and she was in mine - She has been glowing since she found out she was pregnant! I am simply thrilled for her. I had another girlfriend in high school who flat out told me, "I am on this earth to bare children and be a wife!" And so she is!

I can't but help notice the injustice of it: Why is it more accetable for women to know they want to be mothers, than women that know they don't?

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