Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cat fight!

One of our students had been screaming all dang morning. I mean pierce your thoughts, kinda screaming. Both the teacher AND the teacher's aide were obviously frustrated so I jumped in and assisted. I was able to get the student quiet and even able to get him to apologize...all for a silly band-aide. I was off to get him a band-aide when the teacher said, "He doesn't deserve a band-aide, because I am too pissed off."
I said, "He needs to be positively reinforced for following directions and calming down-you know that"
Michelle said, "Get away from my class, and go back to the other side of the room" (we share a classroom)
I snapped, "He needs more positive reinforcement, all you EVER do is yell at him, all the time, you know better, you've been to the trainings"
She says, "get the crap out of my class-what about you? You are up Robert's ass all the time?"
"Yeah, but I positively reinforce him"
"Well about about Peter?"
"What about Peter? He has spontaneous language all the time?" I pop off.
As I was walking away the said, "you don't know shit."

I have had problems with this teacher all the time. She doesn't work, instead she works on her master's program. Then she tends to her personal life, or she naps. Or her teachers aide handles the student.
Then I went to the assistant principal and told her what occured. Then I had to write up what happened. The Principal got called out of her meeting, and even the Head of Special Education was there. It turned out to be a big ordeal.

So yesterday I had a meeting with the principal, she told me, "Even though you did everything right, you came to administration, you still yelled infront of students, so therefore we will have to be written up"
Irritated I asked, "When Michelle said she was too pissed off for him to get reinforced that moment it wasn't about the student, it was about her and that means she wasn't have the student's best interest at heart, I had to step in. Otherwise it would have gotten worse. What was I suppose to do?"
"You were right, you were absolutely right, but you yelled infront of the students."

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  1. Aaargh. So sorry. I think it is important for students to witness our humanity sometimes...