Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i statements!

I have a head ache.
I don't feel good
I am tired.
I am so tired, my bone marrow is tired!
I am mad that I got written up at work.
I am frustrated!
I love it that my family doesn't know about this blog!
I hate commercials
I hate that I had to go outside today without my sunglasses, and now I have a stupid head ache.
I am mad that I was told I was right about the fight, but still got written up!
I now realize that a wedding, new job, and a new house is too much to handle!
I want a dr. pepper and a chocolate bar so bad it's consuming my mind!
I have a stupid head ache
I have had a bad day
I am real cranky!
I have had a baaaad week!
I finally passed my final state board!
I am officially a state certified teacher!
I start Grad school July 14.
I hate it that I am resented for my God given gift!
I believe that EVERY child with Autism can be recovered!
I was born on my mothers birthday!
I am frustrated with work!
I can't wait for June 6th to get here!
I want to go to Cozumel for our honeymoon!
I am a very rule oriented person!
I hate it when people beat around the bush!
I have a stupid migrane b/c I had to go outside with a kindergarten class and didn't have my sunglasses.
I hate having migranes and chronic headaches.
I got into a fight with my co-teacher b/c she let her anger with a student get the best of her and I called her out....and I got written up for it!
I need more of me to do all the things I want done in this life!
man, I really want a dr. pepper!
I have a tendency to forget to brush my teeth!
I have officially declared myself cranky and Chad has vacated the house!
I want a giant hot pink stripe dyed into my hair.
I am buying a mini computer for grad school!
I have chronic pain in my shoulder from falling at work.
I see a pain doctor for my shoulder.
I have ice cream in the freezer that I really want!

My head hurts, so I am done!


  1. I love it.
    I think it is good to vent.
    I am happy you did.

  2. Another one for your list: "I am stronger than all of this combined!"

    ....but it's still a giant pain in the ass! BTW lemme know when you're getting your pink stripe so I can come get my blue one =)