Saturday, May 23, 2009

shoe shamed in every way!

I am suppose to be getting ready to attend a wedding. She is one of my longest friends, and I can't wait to get dressed up and look cute with my husband, but first I gotta make Chad all fidgety and worried that we will be running late b/c frankly he just annoyed me!
Actually, he shoe shamed me!

We spent the day at the book store (don't spend the day at the book store with 2coupons, 20% teacher discount, and no new books in my house to read, its like going grocery shopping hungry!)

We were driving back and I said, "hey, let's run by the shoe department so I can get some yellow shoes with my dress tonight!"
Then he said, "there is no running into a shoe store that will be quick for you"
And I said, "Well if I were going to look for pink shoes, then no. But I want yellow shoes, so that will narrow down the field"
He goes, "but you still can't run in and quickly get shoes"
I said starting to get annoyed, "I might stop and pet the pretty ones, but I'm looking for yellow cute heels, it will be quick"
"I don't think you know yourself as well you think you do!" (I hate when he says this line)
As we get to the entrance of my favorite shoe store I said, "so you are going to stop?"
He goes, "baby are you serious? You want to get shoes for a dress?"
I said, "umm yes, how else does it work? You buy a dress, then you buy shoes, or you see cute shoes that inspires you to buy a cute dress? Women do it everyday"


Needless to say we drove straight home, in silence, without yellow shoes!
shoe shamed!
So tonight, I will be forced to wear a brown and yellow dress with boring ol' brown heels!!

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