Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shoes bring meaning to a marriage!

I went to the store with full intentions of buying me some YELLOW SHOES on Monday! But when I got to the store I couldn't find anything cute. So instead I got a cute handbag, a new wallet, the new mp3 player Zune, and 2 new c.d's, a cute-cute summer dress, 2 pairs of linen capri pants, then another pair of capri pants, a bunch of work shirts, and tank tops....and some skivvies. .....teach Chad from telling me, "I can't get something-hmmm I showed him"

After stimulating the economy and some good ol fashion retial therapy, I was still annoyed about the yellow shoe incident. So I sent a message to my girlfriend, Becky. She responded by saying, "welcome to married life, we should go together...forgiveness is better than permission!" As soon as I read that text I was annoyed, I completely shut-down. Am I suppose to be the dutiful wife and ask permission on how to spend MY money? I have never-ever-ever seen a woman in my family ask their husband if they could GO buy something. I also grew up dirt poor, and I have been saving for 3 months to go on a big shopping spree. (it feels better when I can spend without worrying about money) All of my bills are paid for the month, and I am 3months ahead on my student loan payment.

So am I suppose to ask permission? I am not exactly the submissive type. But that text really bothers me.
Chad thinks it's because once upon a time, Becky wasn't the, "ask permission for shoes type either." It's odd almost all my friends are libra's ...we are the best dressed in the zodiac, we love clothes, shoes, handbags, shoes, accessories, shoes, and clothes, and shoes! They are also strong, intelligent, and fiercely independent. The first time someone says, we "cant" that is the first thing we are going to do. So I totally don't understand her comment.

So this permission matter (only in my head) became much bigger I ran into the computer room, "Chad, so do I have to get 'permission' before I buy anything? So are you my daddy or something?"
he looked at me like a deer in the head lights, "huh? What are you talking about?"
"The yellow shoes, I felt like I was asking permission like a little girl asking daddy for a new toy"
"You're still upset" he said in a puzzled tone, it kinda took me off guard , "about that? The only reason I said NO, is because I know you-and I know we would have been late to your dear friends wedding. I love you baby, but your time management skills suck"
"OH, so it had nothing to do with me getting your permission?"
"Why would I care about that?"

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