Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another book bites the dust!!!

Another book bites the dust! da-da-da- Another book bites the dust!

Now that my life isn't so stressful-I am back to reading at record pace! I love reading, I love it so much! The thrill of starting a new book is like meeting new people. I am innately nosy, I have a curiosity of a cat, so starting a new book for me, means I don't have to pester other people for their thoughts, and feelings. I often tell Chad I want to crack his head open and suck it out through a straw. I want to know EVERYTHING he knows, and exactly how he feels. I only ever felt this way about 1 other person, he was my mediation/negotiation professor in college. He grew up southern baptist, left the Church, fought in the Vietnam war-then become a Buddhist. He really made you open your eyes, and really think outside the box. He started each class with saying, "Big giant corporations don't want us to think, they want us to believe all the rederick" I could listen to him talk for hours! I never missed a class!!

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, BOOOOOKS!
Matrimony: I enjoyed the story line. I like following this couple, while they went through their trials and tribulations. However, I wasn't crazy about the authors writing style. I personally need a bit more detail. His back flashes, took a while to figure out rather he was talking in present or past. But eventually I got the hang of it. It also really annoyed me how the author would advance the couple to another town, but it would take pages until you discovered what took them there. This is really silly too, but he used so many big words to describe a feeling, or emotion, but I needed a bloody dictionary to figure it out! The last time I needed a dictionary to read a book I was in 9th grade, and was trying read, Beloved.

Jenny Mccarthy: Mother Warriors, Great book. I read her last book when she announced her son's Autism. She really writes like she talks, and I feel like I know her personally. Reading her book, I thought, "ahhh-catching up with an old friend!"

Made in the USA, Billie Letts: I love this author, she wrote, "Where the Heart is" that later became a movie. But she gives me enough description to satisfy my imagination. The start of the book was hard to read. She puts those kids through hell. I had to force myself to read it, it was like running up hill. I was enthusiatic at first reading 4 + chapters a night. Then I started to slow down, digesting the situations she put the kids through. Then as I got to the top of the hill, the life of the brother, sister duo...starting to turn around and reading it was getting easier. But it was tell worth it, the book was amazing. She really out did herself. She generally writes about a character who has to overcome adversity and how the character changes the life of the people around them. So I read on faith, faith that the children would end up with hope. And they did. GREAT-GREAT-GREAT BOOK! Billie Letts is an amazing writer!!

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