Saturday, June 6, 2009

Estate sale!

I have a confession: Friday was a teacher work day, we had to clean our room, get it summer school proof-turn in paper work, update files, turn in files. Yadda-yadda-yadda. My dear friend, Ms Baker and I went to eat at our favorite place, Chipotle. yummy! Then I had to run home to grab some file folders. On the way home....I passed an estae sale! So we stopped. Inside wasn't anything special, but I did see a beautiful plum seatee for $60. I shoulda bought it! That's my confession...

My den is being overrun by all my toys and teacher stuff.
My livingroom still doesn't have the molding put up.
I still need to sew the curtains, make the pillows.
My desk at home is being overrun by unfiled paperwork and all the "congrats" cards from the wedding.
My kitchen is being overhauled, thanks to my husband.
And my bedroom has various color samples all over the wall.
We desperately need a headboard, I wake up each morning with my pillow shoved into the wall.
We need another chair in the livingroom.
My dog is tied up in our huge backyard.
Our new garden fence needs to be painted.
And their is a bush pile as big as my house-right outside my bedroom window.

If I brought another piece of furniture into this house, before tending to the pile up of crap. Chad would have sighed his heavy sigh he does when I take his last strawberry. He would have helped me unload it-not saying a word.
But that silence is enough of a deterant for me, to keep walking right by it.

But oh! It was beautiful! I think about still, a day later. Since the estate sale, was in my neighbor hood, I may go ride my bike by the house. Then again, sometimes I like the silence!

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