Saturday, June 6, 2009


Welp, I am still having issues with, having the summer off. I dunno why its strange to me, its not like I have ever had a major important job where I had to work during the summer. I guess it hasn't sunk in. But I have a tendency when I am not accomplishing anything to sink into a depressed state, and I get more and more unmotivated as the days progress. So to avoid such blunders I am going to create.

Kristin's summer Hacer List!!!
watch all my children
paint hallway
paint bedroom
paint closet
paint Chad's bathroom
finish livingroom
make curtains for it/pillows for it
organize all my teacher Crap
organize my desk area
hang pictures
paint kitchen
paint laundry room!
clean out all boxes...sadly we moved into this house in November, but we still have crap in boxes.
Get my kitchen table into the kitchen
Get the husbands piano up here
Make our bedroom more of a bedroom
Go to many garage sales
Have a garage sale
Go horse back riding often
Ride my bike/walk every morning


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