Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fish outta water!

My favorite hometown swimming hole!

Local state park!

The Trinity

When I was a little girl my dad owned a SCUBA diving shop he was in instructor. During the lake portion of the classes, he would let me go with him, I used his spare regulator and he would wrap his arm around me. And under the water we went! When I turned 16 I paid for myself to go through the lessons.
I am a fish outta water! I love the water, I love being next to water, listening to water, being in the water, under the water,in the water, floating in water, sitting in the shower, in the bath tub, in a creek, in a lake, in a pool. My love for the water goes so deep that my dog, Mia Jean, is a red heeler and naturally they hate the water, but my love ran over to her. She too, loves water!
So the other day I was out watering my garden and the neighbors invited me to.....are your ready for this....they invited me to use their pool anytime I want! Rather they were at home or not!

Mia Hates WATER!

I about fell over! I couldn't believe they were offering up their pool to me! I have laid out (with sunscreen) and swam everyday since the invitation!

Chad thinks I am getting slightly obsessive. Yesterday I worked on the hall for a bit, then planned on running next door to the pool. But after I slathered on my sunscreen, put on my bathing suit...I noticed that the neighbors had their grand kids over! I was so upset....

Chad told me it "might not be appropriate to intrude." I was like a little girl being told NO by her dad!

The creek Chad grew up in.

All my life I have lived in a town with a giant lake around it, so access to water has never been difficult for me and we would go swimming every afternoon. But here in the city, the only way I can go by joining a gym! ........I just have issues with gyms. I mean I use to have a membership to a gym, and worked out all the time, but I realized I hate gyms. They bore me to absolute tears! So I was stuck in suburbia, with both our neighbors having pools-unable to swim!

I am very thankful for wonderful and generous neighbors! Despite their grandkids! haha!

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