Sunday, June 28, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to Kroger.

I ran to Kroger to get, clorox bleach for colors, and fruit. It was a simple mission-really. As I was standing in front of an entire aisle of various soft floral, Caribbean scents trying to figure out what the heck most of them were, a head ache hit me. It hit me so hard, I forgot what my mission was, I completely forgot why I was standing there. I remembered that Chad was showing off one of his various old cars to sale. But my fine and gross motor skills went out the window, all I could think was, "Crap my head hurts-crap my head hurts-crap my head hurts" over and over and over. After 10 minutes of standing in the aisle a lady helped-I grabbed a Dr. Pepper and popped 4 tylenols, paid and left.

Part II of my trip!

I was holding onto my buggy for dear life....staggering to my truck. Then some crazy mean lady reved-up her truck directly behind me. I was in the process of moving out of her way (despite my immense passion for pedestrians having the right away) then the woman shouted, "Get the f*** out of the way you d*mn C***!!!" It was at the point I walked smack dab in the middle of the parking lot. As the truck would serve to get passed would I. This game kept on, as I would serving with the truck I would say, "Oh, I am so sorry, let me get out of your way. -There is that better?" OH stupid me, here let me swerve this way to get out of YOUR way." I am sure for the spectators watching, it was rather entertaining.

Chad really never knows what his wife is going to get into. Poor guy!

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  1. Sorry about your head. hope it feels better and that lady was rude!